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This course aims to inform participants about the new trends and methods of recruitment and talent sourcing. Participants will discover the context of modern recruitment trends based on its development. Also they will learn about practical new techniques of sourcing and contacting candidates on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and many others.


Josef "josé" Kadlec

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2 - 3 December 2019  |  2 Days  |  2 Lecturers

Milan Novák

CEO & Founder| GoodCall


Day 1

Modern Recruitment and its Evolution

- New era of recruitment and talent sourcing

- Global Recruitment Trends 2019 
- “Life cycle” of a candidate/employee and candidate process
- Description of the recruitment process step by step
- Introduction to employer branding and recruiter personal branding
- Importance of EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
- Role of New Technology in Recruitment
- Unique Candidate Experience and Communication – case studies
- Telephone headhunting and pre-screening procedures
- Understanding the job description and the persona we are looking for
- The strategy of using suitable source channels for sourcing
- Setting criteria for a successful recruitment process

Day 2

Sourcing, Principles of Candidate Engagement, Recruitment Technology

- The current state of labour market and how to deal with it
- What are current and future trends in social recruitment
- What is the overall LinkedIn recruitment strategy for passive talent acquisition
- The latest LinkedIn and sourcing updates for recruiters
- How to squeeze the maximum from LinkedIn People Search – both non-paid and paid accounts
- How to uncover hidden talent pools (i.e. candidates your competition is not aware of) on LinkedIn, Facebook and other major and specialised social media networks
- Where to source next – candidate resources other than LinkedIn and how to source there
- What are Boolean and X-Ray searches and how to benefit from them
- What are Boolean modifiers, operators and field commands and why you need to use them
- How to proceed with onion search, conceptual search, implicit search, natural language search, indirect search, etc.
- How to proceed with advanced techniques such as semantic search, probabilistic and exhaustive search
- How to automate candidate search using LinkedIn and third party services
- How to compose messages which candidates cannot ignore
- How to find user contact information when it is not available, every time
- How to find email address for nearly any candidate in the world
- How to uncover the hidden and private LinkedIn profiles of your potential candidates
- Unorthodox methods how to grab the attention of your candidates using video
- What is the pragmatic purpose of building an employer brand for everyday recruitment routine
- The importance of personal branding for recruiters
- The new social media formats you are probably not aware of at all
- What is the technology evolution curve and how it is going to influence recruitment
- Practical demonstration of emerging technologies in recruitment – virtual reality, virtual assistants and chatbots


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2-day training


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2-3 December Warsaw


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Course Objectives


Fully understanding all aspects of the recruitment process. Becoming a professional in the field of modern recruitment and being able to instantly add value to the sector. Gaining practical knowledge, useful for searching and contacting candidates on social networks and other platforms. Gaining a decisive competitive advantage. Enhancing the effectiveness and success rate of recruiting for hard-to-fill positions and improving the performance of entire recruitment teams.

2 days of intensive training and final certification exam | Updated training manual | RACS® Certification with signatures of the academic council members including the chairman Jan Mühlfeit, the former chief of Microsoft Europe | Lifetime email support for solving individual problems | Access to social media groups with exclusive content and updates only for certified sourcers | Free or preferential access to Recruitment Academy events and webinars