HR Intelligence Report 2019

LinkedIn Talent Mapping - Czech Republic

We have mapped LinkedIn members from the Czech Republic based on the most common positions in the most important industries

We know the TOP Czech employers and TOP universities providing the most candidates

Discover with us what changed since last year

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Third Talent Mapping Report of over 1 Million Czech LinkedIn Members

Once AGAIN we summarized the most common and most searched job positions on the Czech market by analysing available data.


Use this important data to understand
the labor market and make better decisions.


In this document you can see, for example:


  • How many new members each industry added
  • Which universities reached the top for the first time
  • What positions have less people than last year
  • Which companies are the leaders in various people metrics

We have a special LinkedIn search formula for each position in order to get the best results. 

EXAMPLE of a specific job position and its data:  

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